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Oh Heston – if only I had riches to spend on ice cream.

What to turn to when I’m not sure what food I fancy? Ice cream.
I am, without doubt, a bit of an ice cream fanatic.

So when I discovered Heston Blumenthal’s Sage ice cream maker would play an ice cream van tune when the deliciousness inside was ready, I was sold. If only I was as sold on the tune of the price. At £349.99 it’s not really worth the buck – yes, you can choose your preference of ice cream firmness, and yes, you can make sorbet, gelato, frozen yoghurt and ice cream with this machine, and yes, you would jump up and down with a child-like excitement at the sound of your frozen delight being ready to enjoy, but unless you really have cash to splash it probably won’t be a winner for you.

Heston sage ice cream maker

Maybe I’ll just have to get my ice cream van music fix elsewhere.